Energy concepts for industry, clinics & co.

The development of holistic heat supply concepts is our speciality area. With our approximately 20 employees from the areas of supply and electrical engineering as well as IT technology, we achieve complex energy concepts which are tailored individually and entirely to our customers. Our service is aimed particularly at industry & trade, hospitals & nursing homes, hotels & restaurants but also at municipalities and energy suppliers. Through the development

of complex systems solutions and their management in later operation we support our customers year after year and ensure optimal utilisation of their energy resources.

Overview of our areas of activity:

  • Engineer services for planning and construction support of heat supply and in-house power supply
  • Engineer services for planning and construction support of measurement, control and regulation technology
  • Creating system diagrams and piping plans in 2D and 3D
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  • Programming of measurement, control and regulation technology (PLC) as a certified SAIA contracting party (Honeywell)
  • Construction and delivery of complete switchboards for the MCR technology
  • Programming of automation processes
  • Programming of process visualisation with specially developed software (high compatibility with Siemens, SAIA, etc.)
  • Maintenance and repair of complex MCR systems
  • Calculation and implementation of hydraulic balancing in accordance with DIN 18380
  • Creation of rough cost analyses for heating system optimisation and integration of in-house power-generating systems with simulation software developed in-house
  • Technical and commercial support and management of existing systems to maintain energy-efficient processes with the energy efficiency controlling software developed by us
  • Consulting on energy procurement and management of statutory taxes and duties
  • Consulting on leasing models and operational management models
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  • Customised development of cooling, steam, heating and in-house power systems
  • Increasing energy efficiency as well as minimising unit costs for the promotion of global competitiveness
  • Scrutiny of energy-intensive production processes and development of economic alternatives
  • Incorporation and analysis of the customer’s tasks, issues, products and decision processes
  • Development of economic solutions from a process and control technology perspective
  • Demonstration of financing and operations management models to ease the customer’s liquidity
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  • Conversion of energy costs to off-balance sheet capital investment and increase of hidden reserves
  • Sparing of scheduled or necessary reserves for maintenance measures
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  • Analysis of existing systems through highly trained and experienced process technicians and engineers
  • Diagrammatic system recording
  • Evaluation of energy load profiles
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  • Determination of further course of action according to establishment of rough costs and possible energy savings
  • Support in tendering, construction support, documentation and approval of all works
  • Holistic activation of the energy system
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