Ralph Bajorath | CEO

Welcome... the future of services for heat and in-house power supply! Come along on a journey through time of technical development that is closely linked with the Bajorath company.

My family has been involved in supplying heat for buildings for 3 generations. My grandfather used to install heating systems using the boilers available back then and he observed that much primary energy was being lost.

This was the beginning of our research. Since 1996 we have been scientifically investigating the annual efficiency of heat-generating systems. This lay far below the normal efficiency of the boiler indicated by the boiler manufacturers. After several years of research and development we found the solution:

Fully integrated return weather-compensated process engineering.

With a hydraulic process coordinated by control technology, we finally succeeded in a breakthrough. Ever since, the Bajorath process technology has been obtaining the highest form of energy efficiency. [mehr]

Shortly after the founding of the GmbH in 1999, we achieved very high energy savings in numerous municipal properties through application of our patented process. Even then, the holistic consideration of system hydraulics, control technology, heat consumers and generators was helping us to verify measured annual efficiency between the gas meter and the distributor of over 92%. A few years later, when thermal solar systems experienced a boom, we increased the yield compared with conventional systems by over 50%.

The more complex the construction of heat-generating systems became, the more successful were our hydraulic solutions. Whether at hospitals, nursing homes, swimming baths, schools or industrial plants - for all projects we scrutinised the consumption points and developed

“hydraulic and customised control technology solutions”.

Heat recovery, alternative energy sources, special production plants or cogeneration units - everything has its place in our holistic solutions. High efficiency and intensive environmental protection in conjunction with technical intelligence is our motivation for this.

The unique combination of process technicians, engineers and programmers offers you perfect technical solutions and flawless operation from the start. In particular, our simulation software developed in-house for designing cogeneration units guarantees you the highest possible value from these in-house power-generating systems.

However, the most important task after the completion of complex system technology is technical and commercial monitoring of it. For this purpose, we developed an energy efficiency controlling software for small, medium and large systems. Technical efficiency levels of boilers, cogeneration units or other heat-generators become transparent and comprehensible at all times. For the purposes of an energy audit in accordance with DIN 16247-1 or ISO 50001, all facts and figures of energy use and their costs are available.

Whether self-financing or a leasing version - we support you commercially in finding the right path for you. Moreover, we show you how to pay as little as possible in energy taxes and duties and how to reduce the purchasing cost for electricity and gas to a minimum.

When purchasing energy we are your specialist in holistic system planning and construction support, customised control technology and successful system monitoring. Just contact us.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Ralph Bajorath

- CEO -